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Hair Fall Treatment in Mumbai – Your Options for Treating Hair Loss

Hair fall can occur at any point in your life, and the reasons are usually genetics, age, lifestyle, hormonal changes, some medications, extreme hair treatments, and certain habits. Once it starts, you should seek treatment from a qualified trichologist or dermatologist in Mumbai before it gets worse or causes bald spots or complete baldness. Hair fall treatment comes in different forms. Here are some of the options for treating hair loss in Mumbai:

•    Specialty hair loss medications – Most patients look for anti-hair fall medication, especially if the cause of their condition is an underlying condition or disease. Minoxidil and Propecia are the two FDA-approved medications that can treat baldness and alopecia. The latter is typically taken in pill form, and the former is specifically recommended for alopecia and administered in liquid form or foam, which must be directly applied to the scalp and affected areas.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of hair fall in women. In that case, dermatologists may prescribe medication to normalize their hormones, and recommend certain changes in their lifestyle and diet to prevent further imbalances.

•    PRP injections – Platelet rich plasma injections are made of blood plasmas, which were enriched with platelets containing cytokines and growth factors.

•    Stem cell injections – In this type of hair fall treatment, a physician will extract autologous stem cells from your fat to be transferred to affected or balding areas. This way, resting or inactive hair follicles can be revived.

•    QR 678 hair growth factor injections – This is the most revolutionary and the latest hair loss treatments available in India. Two expert medical professionals developed QR 678 growth factors and designed to be injected into affected areas in monthly sessions (about eight to 10 months) for 15 minutes. This targeted treatment is proven effective without any side effects for patients who have completely or have begun losing their hair. It can be cost-effective than hair transplant surgery, and more reasonably priced compared to buying hair growth medicines in the long run.


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