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Restore Normal Skin Color – Get the vitiligo treatment in mumbai

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that makes the skin to lose the natural color. If melanin, the pigment cell of the skin is destroyed or stops functioning it leads to de-pigmentation and thus results in development of white patches. It can affect any part of the body and sometimes it can even affect the hair and inside of the mouth. Though this medical condition is not debilitating but it can badly affect the individual’s self-image and also the overall social well-being. Vitiligo is the unbridled problem which is being faced by both men and women. Here is what you need to know about vitiligo treatment in Mumbai which helps to restore normal skin color.

Causes of vitiligo - Exact causes of vitiligo are still idiopathic and most experts believe that it might be an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks and devastates the melanocytes cells, instead of attacking germ cells. Sometimes other medical conditions like thyroid dysfunction, adrenocortical insufficiency, alopecia areata can trigger the vitiligo. Even a family history can also be one of the causes of this skin disorder.

Symptoms – Most groups of people will start showing up the symptoms in their early 20’s to 30’s. Initially the recipients will often lose pigment and gradually it develops into blotches of white patches on several parts of the body. They might experience routine cycles of pigment loss and stability. Vitiligo it targets certain areas such as body folds like armpits, eyelids, previously injured places, and especially areas exposed to direct and harsh sunlight. Most distressing about vitiligo is that the developed white patches cannot be easily returned to the previous skin color.

Treatment for vitiligo – Regardless of the skin types, it can affect anyone and it is more notable in people with darker skin tone. Few medical treatments can only help to reduce the severity of the problem but it is hard to get rid of it. Applying sunscreen is one of the most important parts of vitiligo treatment in Mumbai, since when the affected areas is directly exposed to scorching sunlight it could only worsen the skin condition. It is always best to apply sunscreen which has SPF of 30 since it could safeguard the skin from ultraviolet B rays that causes sunburn. Highly-experienced dermatologists will recommend spot treatment with laser therapy. This laser therapy is one such vitiligo treatment in Mumbai helps to reduce the severity of the skin disorder to some extent and the dermatologist will tailor the laser therapy based on the severity of the condition.

Undeniably highly-experienced dermatologists would be expertise in performing vitiligo treatments and also would be expert care providers. It is important to choose the reputed dermatologists with right credentials who assure to offer the best end results.


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