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Get rid of your outgrown Tattoo with the best tattoo removal in Mumbai

It is important to get your tattoo removed by qualified and reputed dermatologists, as a wrong procedure can ruin the skin.   Laser tattoo removal in Mumbai is much sought after as more and more individuals find the need to be rid of tattoos they were once proud to sport.  Lasers to the rescue Lasers have made it possible to remove tattoos which were earlier considered permanent. Q Switched Nd: YAG Laser and Q Switched Alexandrite laser are the preferred choice of dermatologists for better results. Other surgical methods of treatment have fallen out of favour for tattoo removal in Mumbai because of the relative efficiency of lasers. Q switched lasers Q Switched lasers involve high intensity laser beams that are focussed on ink pigments. It causes the pigmentation to break into minute particles which are then purged fro the body through natural processes. This technique provides an appreciable lightening of most colours but works more effectively on darker inks like black and bl

How lipolysis treatment in Mumbai can help you look fabulous?

Lipolysis, an aesthetic procedure to break down fats or lipids, is the perfect step to take to remove unwanted fat tissue deposits. It can be carried out using one of many methods such as cold temperatures, radio frequency, laser, microinjections and ultrasound. Lipolysis helps individuals to obtain the exact body contour desired. If you have a need to remove stubborn fat and cellulite deposits in the region of your thighs, mid section and behind, this is an effective fat elimination technique. Lipolysis in Mumbai offers fat removal through a simple procedure.   Undesirable bulges in different parts of the body have triggered the coining of phrases that can at times sound humorous, while causing offence sometimes. This includes love handles, bra bulges and muffin tops. Read on to understand more about the benefits of undergoing lipolysis in Mumbai from an acclaimed and trusted centre. #1 Destroy and remove problematic fat  Lipolysis is an efficient treatment for the destruction